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Vernici poliuretaniche


Vernici poliuretaniche
Vernici poliuretaniche
Mab was created as a small paint producing company in the 1960's, in a town just north of Milan. In time, this little company grew, especially after the Colbordolo production plant, near Pesaro, was added. Said plant would later become MAB's headquarters, and has since grown to include 5,000 square meters of indoor surface, enabling MAB to cater for its clients globally and to manage big production quantities.

Together with the plant surface and the number of clients, our product range also grew bigger, and today it spans across all the kinds of varnishes, coatings and paints for the wood industry. Our products are produced with the same dedication and passion as in the old days, but with the help of the most advanced technologies in use in today's industry. And this dedication, technology and respect for wood, is just what has granted MAB its relentless growth to the present time.


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